3rd of July 2013

The Importance of Email Marketing For Retail Stores

As a retail store advertising your products through a viable medium is vital in driving your sales up and improving traffic. One of the most well-known strategies among both sellers & consumers is....

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Building Your E-mail List
A Tips For Retail Stores

In a recent article Salah Nsereldine - Eyemails eMarketing Specialist, talked about the "The importance of email marketing for retail stores" . In this article we will share with you some tips on how to build your retail store e-mail list...

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Internet Marketing Tips for Retailers

Marketing online is just as important for a retail store as any other marketing tool. Even more, online marketing is booming exponentially due to its successful & cost efficient results...

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E-mail Marketing For the Hospitality Sector

The important question that any marketer or business owner in the hospitality sector should ask is: Should e-mail marketing be a part of the marketing plan?

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Email Marketing Ideas For Restaurants

Rather than sending standard descriptions of your menu items or specials, send customers fun facts about the type of cuisine you serve or news about nutrition that makes them want to visit you....

An article by Dave Samuels,

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