The Importance of Email Marketing for Retail Stores

As a retail store advertising your products through a viable medium is vital in driving your sales up and improving traffic. One of the most well-known strategies among both sellers & consumers is e-mail.
Emails permit businesses to communicate with clients at anytime and people can get access to those messages from nearly everywhere.
As an e-mail marketing specialist, I am addressing these e-mail marketing tactics so that you can apply them while promoting your retail business to your clients.

About the Author:
Salah Nasereldine: (Eyemails CEO) An Email Marketing Specialist and Consultant with more than 7 years of experience in his field. Salah worked with many large & small companies and helped them promote their products through email and social media marketing. During his career Salah filled different roles in the online sector, focusing mostly his effort on Email Marketing with one purpose "To enhance the relation between Businesses and Customers" using the new technologies of information and communication.
Specialties: Email marketing, Online Presence, Email Deliverability, Email Marketing Automation.

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Building your E-mail List - Tips For Retail Stores

In a recent article Salah Nasereldine - Eyemails eMarketing Specialist, talked about the "The importance of email marketing for retail stores" . In this article we will share with you some tips on how to build your retail store e-mail list.

Whenever you decide to communicate with your clients by e-mail, Remember, you don't want to be labeled a spammer. A nice way to start is to make sure you get permission to email your clients before they are added to your mailing list.

The simplest and most practical way is to ask customers for their email during the check-out process. Simply having your staff at the cash say: "Can I have your email address so we can occasionally email you special promotions?" Consumers usually respond positively to special offers and most will be willing to give their email address to you if you are willing to give something back (coupons, invites to exclusive in-store events, exclusive subscribers offers, other special promotions, etc).

As retail store you may organize on site contests where people can win a prize. The prize can be anything you think will entice your customers, from store items, to a free give-a-way, to anything else you can imagine. To participate in the contest you may ask for the email address. Make sure you have it clear for your customers that you will be sending them e-mails.

You online presence is crucial these days. Incorporate to your website a subscription form for you visitors to fill and submit after reading the terms and conditions. Updated news & events, special promotions and offers on your homepage will encourage more and more users to subscribe to your newsletter and be the first to know about your activities.

Social Media is an almost free marketing tool these days. It may not require a huge investment but it for sure requires time and knows how. Taking advantage of these Social networks to encourage more people to subscribe to your e-mail list can be considered as a fair return on investment. Facebook can be the perfect tool to help you build your e-mail list by creating a dedicated tab and highlighting the benefits of being a subscriber. You can make use of the paid features of Facebook to promote more efficiently your page and build your e-mail list of fans.

Building your mailing list for email marketing is not something that will be accomplished overnight, so don't be worried if it takes a little bit of time to really build up a substantial list size. Building your mailing list is an ongoing process, and it may take several days or weeks or months to get your mailing list to the size you wish for.

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Internet Marketing Tips For Retailers

Marketing online is just as important for a retail store as any other marketing tool. Even more, online marketing is booming exponentially due to its successful & cost efficient results.
Whether you sell products online or have a one-page website, "never" neglect the importance of your online presence. We will be sharing with you some internet marketing tips for you to apply that will increase your exposure as a retail store.

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E-mail Marketing For The Hospitality Sector

The important question that any marketer or business owner in the hospitality sector should ask is: Should e-mail marketing be a part of the marketing plan?

Before we jump to any conclusion, it is essential to understand that e-mail isn't a way to directly acquire new customers, it's a way to turn occasional customers into loyal, repeat business and to get them to recommend you to their friends.

At Eyemails we adore digital marketing. For years we have collected and analyzed data and we developed a deep understanding of customer behavior patterns. Our knowledge of why people do things has never been greater, and at Eyemails we've been testing, learning and applying our knowledge on how to influence people for years.

When done intelligently – when clear goals are defined by the client - Email marketing can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for restaurants & hotels.

Email marketing is a low-cost promotional tool restaurants & hotels of all sizes can use to get targeted messages directly to customers. While no one wants to get more junk in their inbox, people do enjoy useful information and discounts -- especially consumers who have shown an interest in your establishment. If you can adapt your traditional marketing methods to email, you'll save money and get customers into your restaurant more often.

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Email Marketing Ideas For Restaurants

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