Optimizing Your Newsletter for Mobile Users

Back in the days (2009), mobile market looked very different from today, less than 5% of email marketing subscribers were accounted for any online activities related to newsletters readers, most of which (95%) used the iPhone. Time has changed!

Many questions have to be answered or at least considered by marketers before launching any e-mail campaign.

More than 60% of smart phone users access their email through their mobile device Email marketing will continue, but it will have to evolve to fit into the changing times, by moving from load and blast to a focus on relevant one to one communications. The coming years will see email evolve even further, to adapt to the growth of social.

Optimizing your Newsletter for mobile users: Tips and advice

What Works Where?

The chart below covers some popular email apps for mobile, and mobile email compatibility basics like support for media queries/responsive design, image blocking, preview text, alt text, and more. Inconsistencies are still bound to pop up, so if you are sending your newletter be sure to test your email on different platforms. If you're sending your newletter through a third party make sure to ask about the mobile compatibility requirements.

Table Credit to:www.bestemailsolutions.wordpress.com

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Followers vs. Sales

When we meet with small-business owners, especially the ones who are just starting out with the online social media marketing, the common questions we get from them are usually related to building their audience on social media and building their e-mail list!

Many think that once they've built a targeted following, they'll never have to worry about sales!

It's great to have a significant following that reads your content and thanks you for the value you provide, but unless you convert some of them into paying customers, you'll not be running a business then, probably a free fan club! Having thousands of followers that don't translate into sales isn't really important for your business.
Probably for your ego!
Based on these common questions, our answer is built on 3 rules that can separate successful businesses from failing ones!

People Buy From Businesses They…

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How Important Is It To Have A Newsletter

It has been observed that more than 60% of the newsletter subscribers are more likely to buy from the companies that they have subscribed to. Subscribing to a company newsletter shows a high level of interest. Subscribers are willing to read all your news and stay up to date to your latest activities. Subscribers must be appreciated by any business and treated with care. Showing appreciation to your subscribers can start with promoting exclusive offers.

So, what's the importance of a newletter?

At Eyemails we encourage every company to have its own newsletter system. Having a list of subscribers is be very beneficial to promote your business and to keep your audience up to date.

Eyemails can help you build that list of subscribers.

Ask for Eyemails newletter system used by many satisfied clients, resulting in high number of new subscribers and new leads who showed interest in the client business.
With more than 300,000 subscribers at Eyemails database we can help you launch a successful e-mail campaign. With time you will build your own database of subscribers which you can use to stay in touch with your own clients and to generate more leads.

What differentiate Eyemails database is that we respect our subscribers privacy and respond promptly to any request. If any subscriber wishes to unsubscribe, we will remove his account within 48 h.

We aim to keep our database fresh and updated by cleaning and filtering hundreds of obsolete accounts every month. On the other hand we receive around 3000 new subscribers on monthly basis. All new subscribers are reviewed and categorized by our support and technical team, ensuring the best results for targeted e-mail campaigns.

Thanks to our esteemed clients Eyemails is growing fast to be one of the leaders in its field. It is never too late to try our e-mail services, we are certain to meet your expectations.

To know more about Eyemails and how we can collaborate for success contact us on:  www.eyemails.com