Being an E-marketing specialist for more than a decade now, I faced different types of successful campaigns while some other campaigns did not meet my expectations. Through close observation and continuous analysis of the behavior of the targeted audience, I was able to form a deep understanding of the main reasons behind each and every success or failure.

As an e-mail marketing services provider I am sharing with you some tips and advices on how to optimize your e-mail campaign for a maximum response.

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Eyemails Newsletter Solutions - A Successful Tactic

Successful tactics that our clients have included like the distribution of frequent but highly relevant newsletters as well as targeted promotions and special offers. Both techniques have helped our clients better engage with customers and prospects, and have obtained impressive results.

Some of our clients have taken advantage of Eyemails Newsletter Solutions by installing and using a dedicated Newsletter System to communicate more frequently with their database of clients, customers & partners.

For example, The Union of Arab Banks have been using efficiently Eyemails Newsletter System for more than 3 years to promote their latest events, conferences, exhibitions, publications and news from and to the banking sector.

“Eyemails Newsletter Solution was and still an essential communication and marketing tool that we highly appreciate for its simplicity of use but at the same time its efficacy in delivering and communicating timely information that our subscribers ask for” Said Mr. Rabih Harb Head of IT at Union OF Arab Bank   www.uabonline.org

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Tourism Industry Is Turning to Email Marketing

Tourism travel spending begins to rebound, travel marketers are shifting more of their advertising dollars toward cost efficient and interactive channels such as email marketing in order to maximize ROI and engage vacationers carefully researching for the best deals. As a result, Eyemails, specialist in e-mail marketing, has helped new and existing tourism clients expand their programs and more effectively engage with their audiences.

“Tourists have more choices and more sources of information about those choices than ever before," said Eyemails Emarketing Specialist Salah Nasereldine. "Tourist-oriented promotions require constant tweaking to remain effective. Email marketing KPIs make it easier to monitor and simpler to take action than any other marketing channels”

Among tourism companies now taking advantage of Eyemails email marketing's power to engage with customers we highlight Brakat Travel, one of the leading travel and tourism agency in Lebanon. With more than 70% response rate on its latest e-mail campaign, Barakat Travel expressed their satisfaction especially when comparing the ROI with other marketing channels.

“Email marketing delivers the highest ROI for our travel and tourism clients,” said Ms. Randa Hoteit Marketing Department at Barakat Travel . “It is a versatile channel that can be used strategically for brand building and tactically to promote special offers and events.”

Some tips for those in the tourism industry:

Appreciate your customers

Try to make your message viral

In conclusion, Email marketing facilitates you to cost effectively interact with a distinct audience in a way that is instant and significant. It is easy to build and carry out and results could be determined in real time.

Many of our clients had enormous success using targeted email campaigns for subscribers from different functional Areas. With currently more than 15 categories to choose from, Eyemails database of subscribers is being updated monthly with more than 3000 new subscribers. Eyemails seek to maintain clean records by updating and sorting continuously its database of contacts and through nonstop testing and performance improvement. Eyemails support team is committed to provide top notch services and support.

As a specialist in email marketing services Eyemails is always pleased to share with you some valuable tips for you to consider while planning for your e-mail campaign.

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On May 15, 2013 Eyemails launched successfully a highly professional recruitment portal.

Since its launch thousands of recruiters and job seekers visited the site and applied.

Eye-Hire.com offers the following:

Are you an Employer?

  • Online advertising has the best results: Eye-Hire.com is visited by thousands of Job Seekers each month with over a 500 Job Searches a week.
  • Reach hundreds of candidates for your job: Jobs are sent by email to over 1000 candidates each day. That's over 7000 emails a month.
  • Get more Applications: With our easy and simple process to apply for jobs, Eye-Hire.com is recognized as one of the best fast growing online sites to deliver applications.
  • Easy to Head Hunt: Our patented system will work behind the scenes to get quality candidates to apply for your positions. With a database of hundreds Candidates globally - let us head hunt for you.
  • Value for Money: The majority of response to most jobs is within the first 7 days. Only buy the length of time you need for your jobs.
Are you a Job Seeker?

  • Create Customized 'Job Alert': Hundreds of recruiters search our database daily to find candidates. Get found by them. Reach out to more than 100 recruiters
  • Create Multiple Profiles: Create up to 3 customized profiles to apply to jobs in different categories and get relevant jobs in your inbox
  • Confidentiality & Privacy Settings: Define your privacy level. Block your current employer from accessing your profile
  • Search by:
Eye-hire Features:

  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Functional Area
Benefits From:

  • Online testing:Test your skills and score high. Let the employers know about your skills
  • Resume writing: Get assistance of our recruiting professional team
  • Participate in 'Forum discussions': Participate in forum discussions and get help from other users