September Nostalgia

In the previous issue we talked about September the season of success. Well for most of us September brings special memories to our mind. Yes you guessed it, it is the "Back to School" month!

Remember when we were kids, how our parents used to prepare us for the next scholar year?

It all starts with a stationery need assessment. What's available vs. what's needed? Bags, notebooks, pencils, pens… and the list goes on. I bet you all remember those new pencils odor, or those new notebooks paper smell, we couldn't wait to write our name on them so we can feel that they belong to us, a comforting sense of ownership.

The next phase is the scholar books. After receiving the assigned list from our school we start to compare it with last year, what novelty could this year brings in topics & material.

Those were the good days.

On the other hand September is the high season for libraries, bookshops, copy centers and stationery providers. Think about it at least one person of each family is in charge of these scholar tasks. The question remains, where to go?

If you run a business that offers scholar services and products, now it's the time to promote it, and promote it well! Use your resources wisely. Don't just spend thousands of dollars on advertising and expect a high return on investment.

Marketers must know that. It is all about the Message that you promote. Think about your audience, are you targeting parents or children? Go back in time, remember what made you happy? What pushed you to ask for a certain products or brand? What factors played a major role in your decision making as a child? What was your parents' perception of your needs and what pushed them to react?

Your message must be short and straight to the point, reviving that nostalgia feeling pushing parents and children to take action.

At Eyemails we offer you a cost efficient marketing tool; we offer you the chance to reach thousands of people. With a simple design and the right message we have a proven success formula. Moreover, we encourage our customers to send multiple e-mail shots with different messages and visuals. We believe that e-mail marketing should bring an added value each time a subscriber receive and promotional e-mail, unlike billboards that keep repeating the same message as if it was a brain wash, not to forget its high cost compared with e-mail marketing. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on billboards and other marketing media, with less than USD 100 you can target thousands of potential clients.

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School Newsletter: From should to must have

Are you not publishing a newsletter because of the costs of printing it or mailing it? Emailing and posting your newsletter online can be a great way to save money and get your news delivered to your readers' inbox.

Newsletters can remind families about important dates, promote student achievements, and help parents understand elements of teaching and learning.

If you are responsible of the school newsletter we recommend that you consider collecting sample newsletters from other schools to find fresh ideas for your newsletter.

Maybe everyone won't read your newsletter, but many parents will. A newsletter is a great way to help build your relationship with the home and assist parents with practical ideas.

Think ahead and plan your newsletter. How often do you want to communicate? What will draw parents to read your newsletter? What will draw students to read and interact? Then assign a person or more in charge of developing the newsletter topics. "Make communication a shared responsibility.

From time to time take a good look at other communication networks going out of your school to see if there is a way to consolidate all that goes home and to maximize readership.

If you are going to commit to a monthly newsletter, it is important to be prepared for it. A newsletter is a wonderful means of communication with parents and students. Make the best of it.

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5 Simple Steps To Master Your Newsletter System

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